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Nov 6, 2010
Iam 42yr old that live in a little town called Longview/Kelso of Cowlitz County, I have lived there most of my live,I have wonderful fiance Michael I could not asks for any one better then what I have he also is not just my future husband he is also my bestfriend, someone that understands me and excepts me for who I am and I am truely greatful for that..That's what I love about him, Michael hold the key to my heart and to my future,He also is my best friend, He is my knight in shinging armer,He understands me he knows me to well sometimes,He is the apple of myeye.We both have two wonderful teenage girls, You could not asks for any two better then what we have. We all have had our share of our up and down,Belive me. We been through it all.We have had our share of things together.life I guess couldn't possiabley get better then what it is today. We just take it oneday at a time.this is all we have is time.
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