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Dec 9, 2010
I started learning to code quite late in IT terms - in 2010 in fact. As my day job wasn't coding, my experience was built in short bursts. However I like data structures and tight, discrete code and am currently learning F# and its idioms in order to get lots done with little code. My blog details my various explorations over the last months - this will be updated as my skills grow. I'm a strong believer in teaching myself so I don't have the usual mix of qualifications, in fact none outside of GCSE's. In addition to reading a lot around the subject, I'm also working through Khan Academy on the World of Math mission along with my 11 year old nephew - we are racing to each 100k. The aim here is for me to have the demonstrable skill in F#, R and useful related technologies to work at a high level in data sciences or modelling; and to help my nephew reach A levels before anyone has a chance to make maths "hard" :). F#, VB, C#, SQL, R are my current languages.
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