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Nov 1, 2010
My interests include software engineering: Assembly, c, c++ on various hardware platforms (x86/x64, AVR MCU's, a couple ARM based cpu's) low level OS stuff (windows/linux device drivers, MCU routines to access sensors and devices when no OS is available), Machine Vision (via OpenCV and/or home rolled algorithms && code), content layout, rendering/display, digital typography (HTML/CSS, gdi/uniscribe, DWrite, etc), Physical Computing && electronics (Arduino based, AVR mcu based, custom, discrete, analog circuits, RF xcievers for data / analog video), autonomous robot's, DIY CNC machines, CAD/3d modeling (Rhino 4.0, SketchUP, Blender), CAM && GCode, Mathematics via my Hp50 && Mathematica as well as old school with my slide rule, pencil and paper:). My last tour of duty as a Calvary Scout in Iraq left me moderately disabled (got blown up via IED). Needless to say many of my hobbies now fill in for areas I used to enjoy and can't anymore without severe pain or risk of paralyzing myself.
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