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Cancer survivor and currently disabled, my work is to figure out how I can get back to work. A normal office 8-6 job I can't do anymore. I'm still a pretty good developer and designer though, so I haven't given up hope. Otherwise I'm just your average geek. Friendly, awkward sometimes, and a little wild at parties for varying degrees of wild. Ya, I'm a nerd too. To fill the time when I'm not sick, I started a new website on 03/14/2011 to try some of the things I'm learning here. Don't tell anybody but it's currently using Google Apps instead of Windows Live. Once I get a Win 2008r2 server up and running however, I'll set things up to have both the apps and my development integrate, hopefully using some Google, Live, and maybe even Azure API's for a variety of tasks I have in mind. If it still looks bad when you see it, I either got more sick, I'm really lazy and the XBox360 is an evil and addictive machine, or it didn't work. I'll let you decide which option caused the problem. ;-)
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