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http://www.native-earthling.org Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM) I would like to share some personal insights about the experiences and influences that have shaped me. My intention is to introduce myself. "Leading others effectively requires the ability to lead oneself." I personally agree with this quote. To support my reasoning and/or examples from my own experience, observations, and research, I will start from the beginning. Hitherto, I will write a simplified biography. I was born in Newport Beach, California on August, Ninth, Nineteen Eighty at Hoag Hospital. I grew up surfing, and skate boarding at the Southern California Beaches. For an eight year time span, I resided in Bend, Oregon for approximately half of the year,where I enjoyed snowboarding, hiking, caving, and climbing Ponderosa Pine Trees. I attended Central Oregon Community College as an eight year old boy. I was placed in talented and gifted classes. I was heavily involved with a Community Youth Leadership Groups. I als
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