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Oct 7, 2010
I have been a C++ professional for 15 years before moving on to a more general engineering role developing a PRT system. To keep up with the C++ development I have started a user interface library project in my spare time, which I call RU, for Rapid UI. This library uses C++0x features (available in VS2010), mainly lambdas to be able to create a user interface VERY easily. The hello world example in dialog form goes like this: void MyFunction() { dialog("Hello world dialog") { button("Hello, world!") { -- button pressed code --; }; }; } At present (January 2010) the basic principles have been proven, now remains the mostly tedious job of implementing all the controls and all their properties... Initial implementation is based on wxWidgets, but in the best of worlds, RU could be implemented on top of most any user interface library, including MFC and WinForms.
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