Drop-down list contents change based on another drop-down selection and auto-fill field


  • I have created a InfoPath form which completes a field based on the selection made from a drop-down list and secondary data source.  This uses rules and filters as described in S.Y.M. Wong-a-Ton's article "Auto-fill fields in InfoPath from a drop-down list box selection and secondary data source.

    I now need to adapt this form/create a new one so that the contents of the drop-down list are based on a selection from another drop-down list.  In other words, if 'A' is selected in a drop-down list box, another drop-down list box displays a list of reference numbers.  If 'B' is selected in the first drop-down list box, the other drop-down displays a different list of reference numbers.  In either case, the contents of a text box is auto-filled based on the selection from the 'A' or 'B' reference number lists.

    I can't find any articles which cover this sort of issue, so don't even know if it is possible, let alone how to do it.  Hopefully someone out there will be able to enlighten me. 
    Wednesday, February 04, 2009 10:38 AM

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