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  • Pay off down the road? Which road are you going? Do what Ted says in a Web project under VS 2017. Then look what you get... Got it? This articles for sure has been written, sitting behind VisualStudio Code in a happy world of scripters. As much as I like the idea of Angular 2, as much I have to oppose the abominable way of its deployment, especially when it comes to integrate Angular web pages with services on the sever side. It all breaks on each and every upgrade of a very project, and guess what: I had the most unproductive experience in programming since 20 years! All the brittle components because of the lousy npm hosting, bad parameter settings in the npm deployments - it all comes together to the lousiest programming experience I ever had! Let alone the 100+ megabites of duplicated js files in the projects, If ever there was a dll-hell, this is the scripting inferno! And then the MSDN authors keep telling us: everything's fine, just click here and there.. This journal has seen better series in the past. An annoyed day-by-day Microsoft customer
    Friday, June 2, 2017 6:31 PM