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  • Thank you for opinion. I live in Belarus and have relatives in Russia and Ukraine. Unfortunately, your politicians in power lie endless and fantastic! Our Lukashenka their copies, as well as Poroshenko, but not Putin (a propo: your puppet Saakashvili after the 2008 war in Georgia, are waiting at home for a long time to put in a cage. Where is he? He is... in Ukraine!). Now they lie about Russia, about Putin and Syria. Earlier it was Iraq ("vial of Powell"), Yugoslavia (the international court of justice to justify Milosevic, but is a dead), Georgia, and again Russia (Chechnya). Even earlier it was Afghanistan. In Syria continues giant lie, which are engaged in influential political circles of the U.S. having huge finances. They created hated over the non-US world, the practice of "controlled chaos", taking the funding Nazis in Ukraine, and Islamist religious fanatics. Afghanistan was the first major example of a selected policy of chaos. Then experience of created al-Qaeda were involved in Chechnya (Russia), Yugoslavia (destroyed). Burning in the wars across the middle East and Africa. Did you know that Syria under Assad is a secular state?! And you're right: your politicians in power are notorious villains. Turkey is a glaring example. For your politicians need a second Nuremberg trials, but... Obama was given the Nobel peace prize! The lie that gave rise to and do on your policies in Europe, has led to millions of refugees in Europe, the destruction of universities in the middle East and always will inevitably lead to war. But Russia will not allow the US to wage war with Russia by proxy. All is bad:( Your Nobel peace prize winner Obama, too, the bastard, who continued the policy of destruction of countries. Clinton continues that practice with hers scoundrels:(

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    Friday, October 7, 2016 12:06 PM
  • Just curious, what makes all your statements true vs any others? Is it possible your government has lied to you as well? Those are a lot of large statements. I'm not saying they're NOT true but what facts do you have to back them? Without actual facts. Oh and sadly, these days with all the lies in the world, a Fact is hard to determine, it really must be validated by multiple parties otherwise it's just propaganda.
    Friday, October 7, 2016 1:30 PM