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  • This is a great article because it is fantastic to hear someone inside the industry actually exposing the fact that Software Sucks.  It makes sense that the author has written an entire book devoted to that theme, because software sucks so much.  :)

    Platt puts forth the following reason that the software sucks so bad:

    "The central tenet of WSS holds as true as ever: Know thy user, for he is not thee. "

    However, I believe the reason is slightly different. 

    "The Developers aren't actually users."

    One of the reasons the iPod was such a success was because Steve Jobs was a visionary who wanted the product for his own use.  (I know Jobs didn't develop the product but he had final say on how it should work.) It is rare that a developer on a team actually uses the product himself.

    If you're not even going to eat your own dog food ( then why would anyone else?

    Monday, February 19, 2018 6:18 PM