Change a recording device's 'Listen to' target via command, .bat file...


  • Preface: I'm not programmer, but I've made a few simple scripts. 

    I want a .bat file command that could change the highlighted device below to one of two possible devices. 

    My audio setup currently involves multiple virtual audio cables, and the output I receive is determined by the selected listen device. Let's just say it's a pain to manually switch this setting when i want to go from speakers to headphones.

    Any way I can achieve this goal?

      1. Right click speaker in windows tray, choose 'recording devices.'

      2. Select a recording device, click properties at the bottom left.

      3. In the Properties window, select the 'Listen' tab.

      -> The device in the drop down box "Playback through this device" is what I want to change via .bat file command.

    Sorry i wanted to include an image, but apparently I'm not verified.

    Thanks much,


    Sunday, January 29, 2017 9:16 PM