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  • I'm not sure I'm in the right place for asking this question.

    I have created a WinForm Application that connects to a web service and get a lot of statistics from that service. All this information is then exported to an Excel document. So I have developed a product from this web service for people to download. This is something I do two times a week, because this is how often the web service have new information. So creating the product (which is the Excel document) is basically done with the click of a button. That's the first step.

    What I also do is the following:

    2) Login to Wordpress
    3) Going to the member area of this site and upload the product

    Now I'm little bit tired of doing step 2 and 3. So I wonder If this is a process that can be automated?

    I figure that every task a human can do online could be done by code as well. Could this be done with C# for example? Or would some other programming language be a better choice for this kind of things?

    Preferable, when clicking the button to create the product (excel document) then it would be great if it could be published online as well. It would be great if all this could be done from the same WinForm Application.  

    Tuesday, January 03, 2017 2:16 AM

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  • I guess publish and upload a file through FTP in the right folder would pretty much be what I'm asking for.

    So if someone could suggest code for doing that with C# from within my WinForm. That would be great.

    As for now, the file (Excel document) is being added to a folder on my computer:

    string outfile = @"C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\Desktop\" + fileName + ".xlsx";
    Instead of doing so, I would then be interested in how to publish the file to a folder through FTP.


    Saturday, January 07, 2017 12:28 AM