How to sell Virtual Machine (VM) bundled with our software product


  • Hi,

    We want to sell our product as an image on Windows Azure. Customers should be able to select the VM from gallery and start using it.


    1. Is it possible? How?

    2. How do we monitor the usage? Does Azure expose any APIs for this


    -Sachin Sancheti

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 6:54 AM


  • You can upload your VM image to VM depot. But you can't charge users a single dollar. All images uploaded to the depot must be license free (which means at the minimum, you can only upload Linux images, not Windows images). The business model you describe is not generally available today. But since you're a partner of Microsoft, you may (or may not) be able to cooperate with Microsoft to provide commercial VM images like Oracle is doing now. Please contact your Microsoft partner.
    Thursday, September 26, 2013 1:23 PM