Auditing access of Point to Site VPN tunnel RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    We have a project in play where we need to host some private customer data in Azure IAAS for testing, POCs and such.

    In essence, we have setup a lab with a bunch of VMs, a virtual network, and have also setup a point-to-site VPN so that only folks with the issued cert can connect to the VMs.

    However, to get the security team's blessing to host the private data in Azure, they would like to be able to audit all access attempts to the VMs.

    1. Are there any capabilities from the Azure side of the point-to-site VPN to show who all has accessed the VPN?

    2. Are there any capabilities for enhanced security for the VPN tunnel? IE: The ability to require a password as well as a cert?

    The current hurdle is that anyone who is able to get their hands on the root cert can connect to the VPN and potentially, now has connectivity to the VMs that host the data.

    There is standard windows security on the VMs (ie they are in domains and non-standard admin name and strong password is being used), but the security team does not want to have to install intrusion detection out in Azure and have yet another environment to monitor.

    They will be reassured if we can show them that the VPN tunnel is uber secure and is auditable.

    Do we have these capabilities?

    Thursday, December 19, 2013 10:43 PM