Known limitations for Source Control and Custom API features RRS feed

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  • Hi folks,

    There are a few limitations in the Source Control and Custom API features that were released recently:

    (These notes were updated on 7/1)

    Error 500 may be received when enabling source control

    Some users will encounter this error when enabling source control for a repository with a large number of scripts. The error is caused by a timeout, but the setup process proceeds behind the scenes. If you get this error, wait a minute and then try again - you should find that the process completes almost immediately and that your source control repository is ready to use. This error will go away in the next update.

    RESOLVED: Node modules or shared code are only available from custom APIs

    For this initial release of the source control feature, only Custom API scripts have the capability to load shared scripts or imported node modules. This capability will be extended to table scripts and schedule scripts in the future.

    This limitation has been removed, you can now use shared code and NPM modules from tables and scheduled scripts

    I am using a shared script from my custom API but its not picking up the changes I'm making to my shared script

    Please note that this problem only applies to shared script code. Any changes you make to your Custom APIs scripts will be picked up correctly. As a workaround, if you trigger a restart by modifying a configuration setting in the portal (for example, toggle the dynamic schema setting off, and then on again) you will find that your changes are picked up.

    We will be addressing all of these limitations in the upcoming releases and we will update this post as they are resolved. We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy using the new features!

    Friday, June 14, 2013 7:56 PM