• Have someone ever used this?! Microsoft translator's auto-refill worked incorrectly and I got two on-going auto-refilling subscriptions (instead of one auto re-filling, I got 2 which within 2 weeks cancel each other). The support is not there. To cancel subscription I need to contact "support" and all the support links ask me to choose a product. Well, guess what. There's no product for Azure NOR the translator. I even tried choosing incorrect product to get to talk to someone and a) got an email saying Microsoft Translator is not our product (well who the &¤#¤%#%¤#¤ then?!!) b) tried to callback and didn't get one - the customer support personnel hanged up instantly before I had chance to talk.

    So if you are planning to use any SaaS service from Microsoft, expect no support at all and expect that you can not cancel your services in anyway. How about f you too?

    Thursday, December 12, 2013 11:07 AM