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Pankaj Arora is a Senior Manager in the CIO/Product Group Strategic Initiatives team with five years at Microsoft. A thought leader on Cloud Computing, he has been integral in developing the enterprise business case for Microsoft IT, defining the internal cloud adoption strategy, and partnering with the Windows Azure team on platform readiness and competitive analysis. Pankaj was the technical lead for the first migration of a Microsoft IT application to Azure, and also launched an initiative to move critical assets to the cloud. Prior to that, he managed a variety of high impact IT systems including the Microsoft Career Site. Pankaj is a graduate of General Electric’s Information Management Leadership Program and is certified in Six Sigma. He is also an entrepreneur having launched a successful IT consulting company at a young age, for which he was featured in publications such as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Pankaj holds a business degree with distinction from the University of Minnesota. He resides in
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