Some test items are always missing in Device Console! RRS feed

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    Hi Admin,


      We have encontered this problem for a long time since WDK 6000 version to WLK1.1. This problem "may" be recovered by clicking refresh button serveal times in device console. Let me describe the step below:

    1. Create a new system submission in device console.
    2. We can see full test items without any problem.
    3. Schedule some of test items then run.
    4. After completing all test processes in job monitor, go back to device console window.
    5. Click refresh button then find some items lost. For example: DirectDraw Test, Driver Scenario...

    Somtimes we can recover the problem but sometimes can't. This will impact our testing schedule and submission process. If you have any comment about this problem, please advise me to solve it.


    Thanks in advance.


    Sincerely yours.

    2007年11月21日 上午 10:45