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    Dear all:


    1. BSP開發商

    2. ODM 系統商


    手上拿到一些BSP,CETK一測試,不是每個測試項目會過,難道這些BSP本身也沒有通過CETK測試?甚至有些測試項目~如Big Smileisplay Test

    Test case從100 至 104一起測,其中102會Fail.....




    2007年10月19日 上午 10:09


  • Hi Dogfu,


    Could you please confirm if your BSP is already pass the Windows CE certification ?

    Or could you please provide which EVB and the version of your BSP for it !





    2007年10月21日 下午 03:20
  • My EVB is Samsung SC32442 and I am not sure the BSP version.

    The Samsung has responsibility to make their BSP to pass CETK test?

    Or OEM/ODM also has the same responsibility after fixing original BSP?

    Even if the system doesn't pass the CETK test items, the OS seems to work fine.

    2007年10月21日 下午 03:35
  • SC32442 is not certified currently, and I doubt it will apply for this


    Windows® Embedded CE BSP Name CPU Name Processor Family Manufacturer BSP Certification Description
    Windows CE 5.0, 6.0 SMDK2442 S3C2442/SC32442 ARM Samsung Non-Certified


    However it works and it's OK to ship

    Chip vendor sometimes didn't apply the BSP certification and it's not a obligation to do so

    It means OEM/ODM should fix problems if you've found it

    OEM/ODM should pass the acceptance by customer's demand


    You'd better update the latest version of BSP from chip vendor periodly




    2007年10月21日 下午 03:55