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  • Dear All:

    I have a question with WHCK-Brightness Test Undel Win7.

    The test will Fai.l

    Please check the attachment.

    Is it issue.

    But I only change the OS to Win8. The test item will become "Brightness Test" and "Brightness test2".

    The test result is Pass.

    Product Type: Motherboard.  Platfrom: Desktop

    2012年8月30日 上午 06:20


  • Please update HCK RTM #9200 QFE-003 then try again. Report the issue if it still gets FAIL result.

    Thanks, Steve

    QFE Update 003 (Build ID: 8.59.29702)

    Release date: August 31, 2012

    Optional or required: Optional

    Description of changes:

      • Storage Performance EMMC test requests the system suspend entering Connected Standby throughout the execution of the test in order to allow the test to complete without manual intervention.
      • NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - QosStorageInterop: Fixes following false failure "QosStorageInteropTest::InitializeHelpers: Failed to Initialize Storage Traffic Bandwidth Monitor, ensure that 'Storage Connection Mode' hot-parameter is configured correctly", this failure is caused when the SMB share configured as hot-parameter vanished because of a test-initiated reboot to alter Driver Verifier settings prior to commencing the test.
      • The job for WHCK "Brightness Test" was modified to not use powercfg.exe to change an ambient light sensor (ALS) influence on Win7, as this option is not present on this OS.
      • INPUT-01 INPUT-05 DMR playback test previously cached the IP address and port number of the DMR under test. This would cause DMRs that change port numbers between reboots to fail this test. The test has been updated to refresh the IP address and port number after device rediscovery.
      • PPM Logo Test: An issue with the test failing incorrectly has been fixed. The test failed because of an incorrect return value for one of the test cases.
      • DMR playback tests which do not enforce format requirements now correctly validate against the device protocolInfo string and will skip playing optional formats that are not supported by the device rather than failing. This fix affects the following tests:
        • DMR Playback Performance (PERF-01 PERF_05) - NetMedia_0132
        • DMRs must have seek support (SEEK-01 SEEK-05 SEEK-10 SEEK-15) - NetMedia_0070
        • DMRs plays media continuously (STRESS-01) - NetMedia_0048
        • DMRs Supports SetNextAVTransportURI (SETNEXT-01 SETNEXT-05 SETNEXT-10 SETNEXT-15) -NETMEDIA_0126
      • For the following tests:
        • Runtime Power Focused Stress (Logo)
        • Runtime Power Focused Stress with Driver Verifier's Concurrency Stress (Logo)
        • Connected Standby Stress with Driver Verifier's Concurrency Stress (Logo)
        • Connected Standby Stress (Logo)
        The following performance and diagnosability issues were addressed:
        1. The two runtime power tests make two calls to WDTF API GetInterfacesIfExist on each test cycle. Each GetInterfacesIfExist call can take up to one minute. The fix is to cache the handles for the WDTF interfaces. This eliminates 2 minutes for each test cycle, or 1000 mins for 500 test cycles in the Runtime Power Focused Stress tests.
        2. TE.exe will now shutdown gracefully when the test exceeds its expected run time rather than being canceled by the controller.
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