Question about "Advanced Anti-Piracy Layer" for applications RRS feed

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  • Did anyone use the "Advanced Anti-Piracy Layer" for their application when submitting to the Marketplace ?
    I'm a developer who's interested in this feature, but uncertain about its price and its advantages/disadvanttages over the Standard layer.
    So there's 2 thing I'd like to know before joining the marketplace to submit my app:

    1.What is the cost difference for choosing the "Advanced Anti-Piracy Layer" method ? (in cntrast to the Standard layer method)

    2.For those who have chosen the "Advanced Anti-Piracy Layer" method, do you think it's protection are worth the money ?

    Many thanks to those who help answer my questions.
    2010年2月1日 上午 08:20


  • HI,

    The cost for choosing "Advanced Anti-Piracy Layer" is the same as choosing the Standard layer method, no extra cost, all you have to pay is the registration fee for a developer account for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile(US$100 now).
    2010年2月3日 上午 07:22