How can WES2009 to block the popup windows message? RRS feed

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  • How can WES2009 or XPE to block the popup windows message like dialog filter of WES7?

    Might consider to adjust register? Please help to advice or share with experiment!

    2012年7月12日 上午 02:09


  • WES2009/XPE沒有像WES7 dialog filter block popup 視窗,只有Message Box Default Reply,也就是針對需要Reply的視窗可自動回覆

    The new Message Box Default Reply component provides an easy way to intercept any MessageBox calls and provide a default reply.

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    The following table shows the configurable settings for this

    Setting Default Description

    Disable messageBox Popup


    Checking this disables the display of all the Popups generated by the
    MessageBox Function. This is selected as the default.

    Severity log level

    Log all events

    Choose the severity of MessageBox messages to be logged. Selections range from logging all
    messages to logging
    only errors. Logging is disabled when "Disable MessageBox Popup" is

    Log message
    information to event log


    Selecting this logs the MessageBox Information to the Event Log.


    2012年7月31日 上午 10:10