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      我在做上网本win7 32位的system测试时,SysFX UI Test 这项测试fail。Fail的日志如下,请各位大大帮忙分析下。Thanks!

    Start Test 11-24-2010 8:15:00.543 上午 sysfx.ui.wdk.verifyenabledisablecheckbox
    End Test 11-24-2010 8:15:00.543 上午 sysfx.ui.wdk.verifyenabledisablecheckbox
    Result:   Fail
    Repro:   Not all registered endpoints with vendor enabled UI have met the checkbox requirement.. Failed Result Occured During Verification Of EndPoint Name: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) --- Triage Extended Params: ComputerName=SKU1-PC OSBuild=Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600.101123 Multiprocessor Free EN-US CurrentWorkingDir=C:\WTT\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun319FF3B7-C250-4681-84DC-188B5E370E36 AudioHardwareInstalled=True AudioSrvRunning=True


    2010年11月25日 上午 07:36


  • For SysFX UI test, if it's HDAudio device and you have install audio driver. Please ask help from audio device vendor.

    If it's USB audio or HDMI audio device without any device driver, please check device firmware engineer.


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    2010年12月2日 上午 02:43