Unclassified Signature IO cancellation with direct IO on network storage can't run RRS feed

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  • Dear all,

    I test a 3.5G USB dongle on WLK 1.5 meet a problem,
    When run WLK1.5 unclassified signature it appears a new job that WLK1.4 doesn't have.
    "IO cancellation with direct IO on network storage:(Preview)
    I have now idea this job how to pass it, and the add information dialog window also ask me to input phone number.
    I also try the method I saw from forum, Client1, Client2 , I can find remote machine , but after I schdule this job, it donesn't run.
    Does anyone can teach us how to do this job clearly??
    Please kindly help!!


    2010年3月18日 上午 11:21