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  • How to write text in a file many times?

    There is a textbox to enter a product name.

     Here is the code:

    1 Dim productname As String = txtProductName.Text  
    2 Dim file1 As String = "c:\test.txt" 
    3 Dim Writer1 As New StreamWriter(file1)  
    4 Writer1.Write(productname)  
    5 Writer1.Write(vbNewLine)  
    6 MsgBox("Record added!", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly)  
    7 Writer1.Close() 

    Using Do until Loop? How to do it?
    2009年2月3日 下午 06:38


  •  You just add a parameter about append:
     Dim productname As String = TextBox1.Text  
     Dim file1 As String = "c:\test.txt" 
     Dim Writer1 As New StreamWriter(file1, True)  
     MsgBox("Record added!", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly)  

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