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  • Hi everyone, I have some questions about WinCE:
    1.  How's WinCE's stability and reliability? Will the GUI become very slow
    after running for a long time, say 10 days? If similar situation happens,
    anything we can do to recover the system?
    2. The datasheet of WinCE says it’s a hard real-time system and the tick time is 1 millisecond. Can WinCE guarantee one millisecond tick time, or it is true only under best situations?
    3. How about it's technical support? It says 10 years support, is it free?
    Thanks very much
    2007年4月21日 下午 12:19


  • 1. Is Windows XP stable and reliable? It depends.

        If you run a pure Windows XP, It will be very stable.

        But in real case, you will install many unreliable drivers and applications.

        My anwser is Windows CE is stable and reliable


    2. Yes. Windows CE is real time system. And it can guarantee the tick time.

        Check out this link:

    3. In community, it is free. If you need official support (buy PSS), it will charge.

    2007年4月23日 上午 11:04