Visual Web Developer 2010 Express won't install on Windows 7 32 bit


  • I tried numerous times to install visual web developer express 2010 on my new Dell with Windows 7 32 bit but it simply fails to install the VC 9.0 runtime file.

    In addition, I also tried to install Visual web developer 2008 express and it won't install either.

    Last month, I was running Windows Vista and I had no such issues.  Is this a windows 7 issue?
    Also, has any one succeeding in installing either the 2008 or 2010 express on Windows 7 32 bit?

    Thank you.
    2010年2月1日 下午 01:52


  • VSExpress installation forum http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vsexpress2008installationandsetup/threads

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    2010年2月1日 下午 07:19
  • Hi there

    Don't know if you've solved this yet?

    I had exactly the same problem with VWD 2010 Beta2 on Win 7 Ult 32bit and could find no help anywhere on t'internet! I eventually cracked it by going to Control Panel -> Programs & Features and uninstalling all C++ Runtime Libraries that were shown as Version 9.# (I had 3!).

    Then reran the install and all was tickety-boo!

    Hope this helps


    2010年4月5日 上午 01:47
  • please i need to instal v.b 2010 on my win 7 32 bit on my computer but ther is an error on instaling VC 9.0 runtime file

    can you pleaaaaaaaaaase answer me on my email please


    2012年1月18日 下午 06:01