[WLK1.6]:Scanner's Device Path Exerciser failed RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    Device path exerciser can be filtered for  scanner device by WLK1.5.
    But I download the latest file , this test can't be filtered by WLK1.6RTM.
    Scanner's device path is whether it should be filtered by WLK1.6RTM??
     ERRATA: Device Path Exerciser: DevPathExer is not required for scanners using USBScan.sys
    Issue Description:
    Device Path Exerciser test should not be run in Scanner submissions against user mode drivers that us USBScan.sys. 
    Resolution Description:
    This erratum will filter the test failing without logs for these devices.

     以前可以用readme file或则 file都可以使用,现在跟MS确认之后不能使用readme file,并且 file也没不能过滤。



    2011年4月6日 上午 05:49


  •   給你一個方法試試,在Device path exerciser測試時,當畫面停住很久都沒反應,插拔USB,有機會能讓這測試項目PASS,但是....也有可能讓Clinet PC出現藍底白字當機......非正規方法,給你參考....

    2012年6月26日 上午 03:21