InfoPath Sharepoint Form Load Timing Issue


  • I have a browser form on Infopath 2010 and Sharepoint 2010. I am attempting to pass a parameter to the form using a page with the Infopath webpart and the QueryString filter. I am getting the parameter fine, but if I attempt to perform a rule on the value in the Form Load event, the parameter does not appear to be there yet. That is, If the parameter is "Yes: and in the Form Load section I do a rule (If parameter="yes), the rule fails, yet if I include the parameter on the form, I see that the value is there. It is not extra characters or anything to do with the matching of the values. This has to be a timing issue, where the value is not there when the Form Load rules are run, but is subsequently there.

    Any ideas?


    2012年5月2日 下午 05:55