Rxx 1.3 Released (Rx Contribution Project)


  • Hey everyone,

    Rxx 1.3 is now available:

    Note that there are several breaking changes in this release.  See the full release notes for details (link below).

    New features include:

    1. Supports the latest Rx Stable 1.0 and Experimental 1.1 releases.
    2. Supports Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7.1.  New labs included.
    3. Major performance improvements for cursors and parsers, especially the SelectMany, And, All and Exactly operators.
    4. Fixed various parser operators to avoid stack overflows; e.g., And, All and Exactly.
    5. BinaryParser and BinaryObservableParser classes, related types, a ParseBinary extension method (Ix and Rx) and related labs.
    6. AtEndOfSequence parser operator (Ix and Rx).
    7. Stream.ToEnumerable extension methods.
    8. TcpClientExtensions, TcpListenerExtensions and ObservableTcpListener, including a corresponding lab.
    9. ObservableUserData, ContactsExtensions and AppointmentsExtensions classes for WP 7.1.  New lab included.
    10. Socket extensions for EBAP.
    11. SqlCommand extensions.
    12. Value-based and time-based OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy and ThenByDescending extensions for IObservable<T>.  New lab included.
    13. ObservableServiceAttribute and ObservableOperationAttribute, which support defining WCF service operations that return IObservable<T>.  New lab included.
    14. ICommunicationObject extensions.
    15. INotifyCollectionChanged extensions for converting to CollectionNotification<T> and CollectionModification<T>.
    16. Scalar<T> type and a corresponding Scalar class with static factory methods.
    17. SampleIntrospective operator.  New lab included.


    All features:

    - Dave

    2012年3月10日 上午 08:41