要怎麼下載refactor RRS feed


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    Refactor和Reflector是不一樣的, 只要用搜尋引擎輸入上述的關鍵字, 就可以看到下載點了.
    2009年9月5日 上午 12:38
  • Refactor! for Visual Basic 2008

    Refactor! for Visual Basic 2008 的安裝說明

    CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB

    [C#][VB.NET] Refactor 工具下載與安裝

    Refactoring for C# and VB Developers

    CodeRush Xpress includes over 50 refactorings, and nearly all work in both C# and Visual Basic. A few refactorings are available in only a single language due to features of that particular language. All refactorings can be split into the following groups:

    • Changing Signatures
    • Conditionals
    • Declaration and Initialization
    • Expressions
    • Lambda Expressions and Anonymous Methods
    • Loops and Blocks
    • Properties and Fields
    • Moving/Extracting Methods
    • Resource Files and Strings
    • Types
    • Visibility

    2009年9月5日 上午 12:58
  • 這篇是什麼?這邊是Visual Basic討論區,跟下載Refactor有什麼關係,而且還一行文要載點,請注意討論區相關規則,下次不再警告,直接刪除文章。
    提問時請清楚描述問題、留意應有禮節;嚴禁一行文、注音文 blog :
    2009年9月5日 上午 06:11