使用DTM1.6进行logo test(仅选择unclassified submission),结果中Run INFTest against a single INF这个job始终失败,且无法过滤该失败项(DTM1.5中是可以过滤的),请教高手,如何解决该问题 RRS feed

  • 問題

  • DTM Server 1.6

    DTM Client OS: Win7 SP1 32-bit

    Unclassified Submission

    Job Name: Run INFTest against a single INF

    Task Name: RunJob - Copy of CHKINF and INFTest Library Job


    Root Cause:

    INFORMATION : Marking RunJob Task "RunJob - Copy of CHKINF and INFTest Library Job" As Failed as the LibraryJob "CHKINF and INFTest Library Job" has Failed



    The Library job that was called by this RunJob task has failed. Hence this RunJob task will also be marked failed.


    2011年5月16日 上午 07:25


  • Hi Steve,

    I have send the mail to winqual, and recived the answer.


     Below is the answer form winqual:

    "This is fine. Please use Manual Errata 2111"


    But now I don't understand fully what does he mean.

    Because the Errata 2111 couldn't be download from the offical site as following link:


    Does he mean that I can submit the cab package with the failed job of “INTest” to winqual  or others?


    2011年5月19日 上午 07:57
  • Yes, please fill in readme.doc and use WST to pack with the cpk file for WHQL submission.

    Thanks, Steve

    Accept Chinese,English question in here.
    2011年5月19日 上午 08:53