How to create a VS project template, with default platform type as ARM/ARM64? RRS feed

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  • I would like to create a new project for out WinPhone(with Win10 OS) project, by the steps~
    "File> New > Project"
    >On the configuration console, I select the 
    ==>"Installed" > "Visual C++" > "Windows Driver" >"WDM"

    then, an empty project is created.

    But, the default platform types are only 'Win32' & 'x64'; the ARM/ARM64 platform types are not appeared for choice.
    Does it mean that I shall not select 'WDM' project template?
    How to create a project template with default platform type as ARM/ARM64?

    By the way, I right-click by mouse(on the SolutionExplorer windows) the 'Properties' of the new created project to create 'ARM' platform type by doing ConfigurationManager
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