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  • Hello,

    I want to build an application by Visual Studio 2008 using Visual Basic. The end-product can be run under both Windows XP and Vista. In this case, should I develop the application under Windows XP or need to find a Vista machine to install the VS?

    Please advise, thanks!

    Richard Studio
    2009年8月25日 上午 07:55



  • HI,

    You can develop application on XP or Vista, and test it on XP and Vista.
    2009年8月25日 上午 08:27
  • Thank tihs,

    Well, I will install the Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP.

    May I have a further question! I am now using Traditional Chinese Windows XP in HK. Can I develop the application by Visual Studio 2008 under Traditional Chinese Windows and deploy to the end users using the both Chinese and English version of Windows XP ? That means should I need to prepare another machine with English Windows XP ?
    For your information, I will type all the database field names and labels on any forms in English words.

    Thank again!

    Richard Studio
    2009年8月25日 上午 08:57
  • 先前文章翻一下就知道了:

    論壇是網友平等互助 保證解答請至 微軟技術支援服務
    2009年8月25日 下午 02:16
  • You can run your application on zh-tw and english version of Windows XP, but you can consider to implement a multi-language of user interface.
    Naming in database object must use English characters for global usage....

    2009年8月25日 下午 02:29
  • Dear 小朱,

    Thank you very much! I will start to install the Visual Studio 2008.

    To make it clear. If I install the  VS2008 in Tradtional Chinese Windows XP to build the application all with English wording. Can the final application be running on ENGLISH Windows XP ?

    Thank again.

    Richard Studio
    2009年8月26日 上午 03:10
  • You can create a full-english application on TC Visual Studio.

    2009年8月26日 上午 03:59
  • Dear All,

    Thank again for all your response!

    This case has been closed.

    Richard Studio 
    2009年8月26日 上午 05:07