XP ULCPC initial fail of System master config job. RRS feed

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  • sorry to bother all
    I am setting for a WLK1.4 with XP ULCPC test.
    but it always fail at "System master config job" that there are total 5 incomplete jobs.
    i had did my best to find out the root cause...
    it seems causedy by fail on "Create dimension audio _GathererDeployed - Move Audio Gatherer to staging if running on windows vista or later"

    and total 5 incomplete jobs as below
    1.create Dimension Audio_gathererDeployed - Update Data Source
    2.create Dimension Audio_gathererDeployed - Signal Data Source
    3.create Dimension ExternalBus_deploy_BusGatherer - Task - Create Dimension Xslt
    4.Task - Create Dimension Xslt
    5.Set Optimal Display Config Job - Add dimension for Display\ConfigDisplaySet.

    thanks in advance.

    2009年9月7日 上午 09:46