Mechanics of Billing Customers and Setting up Data RRS feed

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  • I am setting up an SQL to host databases of clients so they can access information, reports, etc.

    How do the mechanics of billing work? Do my customers set up accounts within my organization, or do I set up their accounts, manage their permissions, and then turn their account over to them?

    If I charge someone for example, $2000 for the year, is there a way to limit their monthly/weekly/daily usage to ensure they don't use more data than they have allotted?

    It looks like at the cost management page, one would set up a billing account>billing profile and then set up the customer account.

    Is it possible to keep customers invoices fixed, assuming we know what their usage would be?

    Also, is it possible to host reports based on queries within Azure SQL or I that done within a different part of the system?


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