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    2013年7月10日 下午 10:12


  • Hi,

    Try to check the below information:

    How can I get a single, common .cat file for all operating systems using the Windows HCK?

    Test the driver on all operating systems, merge the .hckx files, and then use the merged file in your submission.


    Do I need to include .cat files in the driver package?

    No. We generate the .cat files for you. We recommend that you check the INF files with INF2CAT to make sure your INF files generate the .cat file before you create the submission.


    How can I see the driver locale and operating system info in the .hckx file?

    Change the extension to .zip, navigate to .zip\package\services\digital-signature\certificate, and open the file with a text editor.


    Where can I review OS info in the .cat file?

    You can see it on the General tab of the .cat file:




    LOLOTA -

    2013年7月11日 上午 01:35