Device Driver INFVerification Test failed on WHCK driver test RRS feed



  • Yes, HCK has update INF policy and INF Check tools. Please use HCK 9200 for WHQL test.

    Thanks, Steve

    2012年8月14日 上午 11:50
  • 已解決了,謝謝大家的幫助。
    2012年8月17日 上午 05:29
  • Hi Jarvis,



    2012年10月9日 上午 04:48
  • Hi Steve,

    We also meet the same issue in this test item. Our WHCK version is 8.59.29723 and also apply the latest filter but it still gets fail. 

    AddReg = MultiPortSerialClass.AddReg

    2012年10月9日 上午 10:37
  • Hi Cheng-Yi,

    I remove the item"[ClassInstall32]", and move "AddReg=System_Class_Addreg" to [XXX.Inst_Nt] item.

    Then,it can pass the WHQL.

    If any question, we can share our solution.

    2012年10月9日 下午 12:29
  • Hi Jarvis,

    Sure, but remove this section is not a good idea due to some situation of OS may not have built-in this device class. So, I still suggest this section must put over there.

    Hi Steve,

    Does there have any chance to release a errata to fix this issue?


    2012年10月11日 上午 11:20
  • Hi Jarvis,

    After I reinstall the target OS, this test item is passed. This WHCK version is already fixed the issue.

    2012年10月12日 上午 06:43
  • Hi Cheng-Yi,

    Could you also share the information how you fix it?

    2012年10月12日 上午 10:26
  • As I posted previously, I just reinstall my target OS (Windows 8) and run the test again. The problem is disappeared. Maybe you can upgrade WHCK version to 8.59.29723 and test it again.  
    2012年10月15日 上午 05:57