Sync Peachtree database without triggers + Local Db has Different Column Names as Remote Database


  • Hello,

    I have to bi-directionally Sync SQL Compact with Peachtree.

    1. Is it possible to write a Custom Sync Provider for Peachtree which does not support triggers or a mechanism to know when a record is updated, added or deleted?
    2. Could I have different Sync column names/Tables for SQL Compact and Peachtree databases? For example Cust.CustName in SQL Compact is required to be in Sync with Customer.FullName of Peachtree database?






    Regards, Rafey
    2011年12月28日 上午 10:27


  • 1 - so how would you know which rows to sync if you have no way of tracking what has been added, updated or deleted?

    2 - this is possible, you can manipulate the change dataset in the ChangesSelected event to change the columns names.

    2012年1月6日 上午 05:11