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  • Hi all,

    I'm building a software which has a UI similar as outlook 2003. The problem I'm facing is how can I perform dynamic content change while the user click the navigation buttons.
    I did think about using MDI but that is not what I want as it obviously not how the outlook implement. Thus, i think about using panels and swap between them. However, it seems very hard to design as i need to cover a new panel to the previous one.

    It anyone can tell me how outlook implement the dynamic content change?

    thxs alot.

    2006年6月29日 下午 05:26



  • I think you can use a container control plus several user control for your design goal.

    2006年6月30日 上午 09:10
  • Hi 小朱,

    Do you have any exmaples or information can give me as a reference as I'm still confuse about how to actually implement it.

    Thxs alot


    2006年7月2日 下午 07:44