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    Job Description of ISV Technical Manager (應用開發技術經理)

    Job Responsibility

    The ISV Technical Manager (ISV Mgr) is a role with the mission of enabling ISV (Independent Software Vendor) adoption of the Microsoft newest application platform. ISV Mgrs should aim their time and efforts at the locally strategic ISVs, spending high-quality 1:1 time in the role of trusted technical advisor. In addition, ISV Mgrs will rely on broad marketing events and the corresponding campaigns to enable Microsoft platform adoption with local ISVs.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    1.       Leverages deep technology knowledge to gain respect of Microsoft’s product groups and impact future product development.

    2.       Helps executives/business decision makers see direct quantifiable links between their strategies and metrics (e.g., ROI, expense reduction, growth) and Microsoft solutions.

    3.       Has earned “trusted advisor” status by addressing the most sensitive or complex technical problems for partners and customers.

    4.       Able to maintain a broader perspective, identifying and evaluating opportunities where cross-group collaboration would enhance the business.

    5.       Provides industry and company-wide thought leadership in articulating a global vision for Microsoft products and services that creates value for partners and customers.


    1.       3+ years of ISV related experience in technical role.

    2.       Bachelor’s degree.

    3.       Deep technical skills and great communication skills are more important than school studies.  Enjoys gaining a deeper understanding of technology, including Microsoft and competitive technologies and platforms outside of immediate scope.

    4.       Passion for technology and solid knowledge of how ISVs operate on both a business and technical level.

    5.       Demonstrates ability to develop and deliver structured and unstructured demos/presentations using various media; never boring.


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