What should I do when Running "Plug and Play Driver Test" ?? RRS feed

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  • Dear Sirs:

    When I run "#832 Plug and Play Driver Test", I get a OpenFileDialog on Client PC and ask me where the "pnpfilter" file is.

    What is "pnpfilter" file? What should I do??

    Please help me.

    2007年4月26日 上午 07:27



  • Hi Tascms,

    It is a DTM bug. 1. You can install QFE on Server PC, and the issue will be fixed.

    2. You can also ignore this issue. Install DTM FilterUpdater on Server PC and then re-run "Plug and Play Driver Test". When you create a cpk file, the test result will be changed to pass.   

      Please try again.
    2007年4月26日 上午 10:44
  • Thank you very much. ^^
    2007年4月26日 上午 11:57
  • hello,

      I seems meet like this problem. how to fixed. I mean that I have runing "Plug and Play Driver Test" and well, my client PC cannot to boot up because it show "pnpfilter.sys" that have fail so I always cannot to boot up into Client OS. how to into client OS and boot up ok??

    can u tell me about that detail? thanks, a lot.


    2008年9月12日 上午 02:24