Azure Web app 問題:You do not have permission to view this directory or page. RRS feed

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  • 我使用Azure Web app 建立網站


    但網站出現:You do not have permission to view this directory or page.

    我已經將 組態裡面的路徑配置修改

    也在webConfig裡面加上 <customErrors mode=”Off” />


    會顯示You do not have permission to view this directory or page.

    存取設定則是沒有設定(因為我設定過ipv4 但反而下面會出現一個預設的禁止全部)


    HttpStatus HttpSubStatus Errors Description
    500 19 14 Bad Config Metadata
    500 0 7 HTTP 500.0 error typically indicates an application code issue. An un-handled exception in the application code or an error in application is what typically causes this error.

    FailingModule HttpStatus FailedRequestCount Description
    IIS Web Core 500.19.183 13
    AspNetInitializationExceptionModule 500.0 7
    IIS Web Core 500.19.2 1

    <markdown style="box-sizing:border-box;"></markdown>

    The below table shows failed requests grouped by their request execution time.

    HttpStatus HttpSubStatus FailedRequests 50thPercentile 90thPercentile 95thPercentile 99thPercentile
    500 0 21 0 sec 0 sec 0 sec 1 sec
    HTTP 4XX requests detected
    <markdown _ngcontent-app-id-c51="" _nghost-app-id-c35="" class="ng-tns-c51-2" style="box-sizing:border-box;">

    <markdown style="box-sizing:border-box;">The below table shows you the count of all HTTP 4xx errors that happened for your app. The errors are categorized as Front End or Worker based on the instance that returned the error. Front End in Azure App Service is a layer seven-load balancer, acting as a proxy, distributing incoming HTTP requests between different applications and their respective Workers. Web Workers are the backbone of the App Service scale unit and they run your application code.</markdown>

    HttpStatus HttpSubStatus Instance Errors Description
    403 14 Worker 7 Directory listing denied. The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory. This error typically comes if you do not have the default document configured and the request has come to the root of the site. The default document is the web page that is displayed at the root URL for a website. The first matching file in the list is used. Web apps might use modules that route based on URL, rather than serving static content, in which case there is no default document as such. For more details refer to Configuring Default Documents in Azure App Service

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  • 建議使用Visual Studio或Visual Studio Code直接發行您的網站, 方便又比較不會出錯, 另外index檔案是預設的首頁, 不用另外設定
    2020年9月17日 下午 12:40
  • 建議使用Visual Studio或Visual Studio Code直接發行您的網站, 方便又比較不會出錯, 另外index檔案是預設的首頁, 不用另外設定

    我有試過用Visual Studio直接發佈網站




    起始動作: 我試過不動作、選為index、本頁



    假設web app name=Xname


    虛擬路徑                         實體路徑
    /                         site\wwwroot\Xname
    /Xname               site\wwwroot\Xname


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