Retrieveing data file .dat RRS feed

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  • HI !


    How can i retrieve a .dat data file while its using/processing by another application?



    2009年1月3日 上午 10:07


  • HI,


    You can use a .dat data file or not depends the file is shared locked or exclusive locked by another application



    2009年1月3日 下午 01:47
  • Thanks a lot, tihs.


    But how can i know it's shared lock or exclusive locked? The application allow the DDE function, but i do not know the "topic name", but i do know where the application store the data file. Thus, i am trying to open the file from where the application stored.


    Can i use the dll injection method to add the function of that application, so that i can retrieve the data file?





    2009年1月3日 下午 05:23
  • HI,


    If your application should get data via DDE interface, I don't know is there any method can retrieve data by inject method, but you can try to find any hook mwthod provide by DDE



    2009年1月4日 上午 02:22