HTTP Auth_User


  • I have set up a local intranet website using IIS 6 and connect remotely to the web server using VWD express 2010. In order to modify and develop pages I use 'Log in as Administrator' to start and run VWD.

    Using IE to view a page,  I am using ''ServerVariables(Auth_User)" to display a label identifying the user. (ie: Welcome abc\Brian) This works fine except from my dev machine. I log in with my domain ID (eg:hca\bsmith) yet when I bring up the default page, it reports: Welcome gis\Administrator (gis being the server name) . I am not logged in as admin although my nt account does have admin privs.

    This only happens with me from my development machine. When I go to another machine the ServerVariable correctly identifies me as my logged in username. Even when I log in on a new boot up on the dev machine, the welcome comes back as if I were using the web server's local Admin acct.

    Is there something obvious that I am too involved to see? Please and thank you for suggestions and advice.




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