Labworkflow BuildResults - can't navigate to source-code where the test failed.


  • Hi,

    After I ran a labworkflow, I can click a link "View Test Results" in the build.

    This click opens MTM.exe, and automatically navigates to the testresult.

    When you open a test from this test-result, in attachments there is the "tmiResult.tr_" file, which, when double-clicked opens the test's result in VS2010.

    If the test failed, you can click on the links to the stacktrace where the test failed.

    Unfortunately the source-location points to: "C:\Builds\34\Sources\MyProject\SomeFile.cs : line: 58", which is a location on the build-server, and cannot be opened.

    The build definition I use does publish symbols to a network-share, and my VS2010 is configured to get symbols from that location.

    How can I directly navigate from test-results in VS2010 to the source-file with the correct version?

    Greetings Johannes

    2012年3月29日 下午 12:03