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  • When I use Azure Instance Auto Scaling -Codeplex, I have filled the Certificate thumbprint and thumbprint algorithm values in the Service Configuration File (.*cscfg). And I add a X509 certificate to the Azure Subscription Certificate Management and to the Hosted Service Certificate List. But in the ScalingLogTable I have the Error--Can't find any Certificate installed on Virtual Machine!

    I don't know that's why.

    2012年5月3日 0:33


  • Hi,

    Could you make sure your .pfx certificate has been upload to Azure hosted service? If so, try to check that sample code, modify the thumbprint in configuration file or code, make sure the client application can get the certificate and add it in request's header.

    If still cause any exception and errors, please provide more details (innerException messge, tracing, stack, etc.) about your errors and exceptions, i believe it can help us fix it soon.



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    2012年5月3日 7:41