how to use weka to do text data mining? RRS feed

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  • hi, all

    Recently, I need to use weka do to some text data mining test,

    to test if it useful for the following function(especially in the highlight rows):


    1.     Data Source

    a.      Doc

    b.     Database

    c.      Web

    2.     Entity (term) Extraction

    a.      Tokenization

    b.     Stemming

    c.      Filter Tokens

    d.     Filter Stop words

    e.      N-Grams

    f.      POS Tagging

    g.     Named Entity Recognition

    h.     Anaphora

    3.     Relation Extraction

    a.      Fact

    b.     Event

    4.     Categorization

    a.      Word Vector

    5.     Clustering

    a.      Similarity

    6.     Summarization

    7.     Sentiment Analysis

    8.     Preparation for Prediction

    9.     API

    could you give me some advice or the specific method,

    thank you very much

    Learning makes life substantial and happy!
    2011年1月7日 0:58


  • Hi Charles_Zeng,


    Thanks for your post.

    Since this forum is only for SQL Server and this question is more related to weka which is third party software, I would like to recommend that you ask it in weka’s forum and you will get specific support.

    Tom Li
    2011年1月13日 8:55