关于USB3.0 特定设备USB HUB/TUSB8040A的 Win8 WHQL测试问题 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • As described in the following picture: Using the Texas Instruments SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub reference design board (TUSB8040EVM) to test Win8 WHQL "USB Exposed Port System Test ",
    But we are now experiencing a problem , the problem is the manufacturer has stopped production of this USB3.0 HUB, So now we can not to buy it.
    We would like to ask:
        1. Although the test can pass use Errata 526, but if the Errata expired(10/01/2012), how we to make the test Pass
        2.There is no other way to solve this issue ? 
        3. What kind of equipment can be replaced USB3.0 HUB(TUSB8040A)? If so, can you provide models and pictures to us?
    2012年9月18日 5:49