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  • Recently, I will use MS CRM 2011 to work with Win 8 Metro App. But when I import “microsoft.xrm.client.dll”  in the Win 8 Metro App protect, It has an error message like the following picture.

    My VS2012 language is Japanese.

    This message means Metro App could not support CRM 2011?

    2013年1月8日 5:46


    • I have get a an affirmative answer that Dynamics  CRM SDK 2011 can not work with a Win 8 Metro Application. The SDK is composed of a Framowork .NET 4.0 dlls which are not supported by the Win 8 Metro Applications.

      If you'll have to use a direct methods to connect to you CRM. Check this article for more information:

    • It may have help.

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